Kucaté - Superwoman

Kucaté - Superwoman

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Kucaté by Neelofa

 A nourishing drink infused with 7 different types of herbs that brings health benefits to the young and old, men and women.

7 herbs benefits
- Rose: reduce anxiety, high in antioxidants, helps in menstrual cramps
- Red dates: help digestion, natural sweetness, promotes blood circulation, strengthen the body and nourish the kidney
- Goji Berries: protects the eyes, provides immune system support and promotes healthy skin
- Mulberry: controls sugar level, promotes liver health, builds bone tissue and improve blood circulation
- Raisin: packed with energy, rich in fibre, vitamins & minerals
- Longan: high in vitamin C, strengthen liver, may help in respiration, insomnia & anxiety
- Ginger: fight off nausea, ease for digestive discomfort, may help to reduce blood pressure, ease headaches & migraines

Red Dates, Goji Berry, Dried Longan, Raisins, Dried Ginger, Dried Mulberry, Dried Rose, Honey.

No artificial colouring, flavouring enhancer and preservatives added. Caffeine free.

Additional information
1 box contains 15 packets step 1 (heart shaped honey cube) and 15 packets step 2 (7 herbs)

 Who is it for?
✔️ Children as young as 3 years old
✔️ Men, women, elderly
✔️ Women on confinement or after giving birth
✔️ Mummies who want to boost milk supply
✔️ Women on menstruation
✔️ Women who are planning to conceive / increase fertility
✔️ Those who experience anxiety, mood swings, insomnia
✔️ Those with skin problems
✔️ Those who have low blood count
✔️ Those with active, hectic, stressful lifestyle
✔️ Those who often burn the midnight oil or sleep late
✔️ Those with low immunity, easy to fall sick or get infection
✔️ Those who are recovering from surgery or sickness