My First Book (Omar Hana Version)

My First Book (Omar Hana Version)

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An exciting interactive book to help parents who want to provide the best early childhood exposure to their kids who addicted to gadget.
- Able to stimulate children’s motor skill from the touch senses as well as their movement, vision and hearing.
- Improve children’s language development, especially for children with disabilities such as “speech delay”, “autism”, “down syndrome” & more.
Attract children that lack of interest to learn in order to practice more fun ways of learning.
- To stimulate the development of children’s minds to interact with learning aids.
-  Improve the mastery of 3 languages, that is Malay, English & Arabic.
- Can instill Islamic values in children from an early age.
-  Practice children’s mental ability to answer questions.

Age: 3 months – 8 years old


Learning hijaiyah letters
Daily prayers (Doa)
The pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith
Learn to pray
5-time prayer intention
Movement in prayer and recitation
Learn ABC
Learn writing
Learn to count
Get to know the animals
Learn numbers and shape
Specifications :

Material :Plastic and hard copybook
Battery type :3 pieces AA battery
Book dimension :28 x 27 x 2 (cm)
Weight :600 gram


There are 20 pages for the whole book.
Each page on the right has an “on / off” button to start learning and needs to turn the button on.
The pages on the left also provide space for practice by using the “whiteboard version marker pen” that comes with every purchase. The advantage of this training page is that children can write and erase without hesitation.
Arabic-language pages & daily prayers are 6, 8, 18, and 20.