Postnatal Massage (Basic)

Postnatal Massage (Basic)

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  • $95 - 90 mins x 1 session
  • $450 - 90 mins x 5 sessions
  • $595 - 90 mins x 7 sessions
  • $850 - 90 mins x 10 sessions
Session includes;
- Assigned therapist
- Massage oil
- Binder (free for 5 sessions and above)
​- Herb

- Baby massage (optional)

Proposed items to prepare:
• 1 × Mattress or Bed
• 1 × Towel
• 1 × Face Towel
• 1 × Bed Linen

Postnatal Massage

A postnatal massage is designed to help new mothers after childbirth. It is a relaxing and a therapeutic service to improve the blood circulation and restore drastic hormonal changes that happened during giving birth process. It will also helps to rejuvenate and revitalize the energy.
Adopting the Jamu (Herbs) practice, this ancient treatment has been proven to be effective in improving post-pregnancy ailments that boost overall health recovery. One of the many highlights of postnatal massage is that a binder will be used to achieve a greater degree of effectiveness as a body wrap. For mothers who delivered naturally, they can start their post-natal massage as soon as they feel comfortable and ready. However, mothers who delivered through caesarean section are encouraged to wait when their incision is fully healed (if you are unsure, please seek your doctor’s advice beforehand).